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Diseases Caused by Poor Tank Conditions and Mal Nutrition – Part 2

Fish health is related to many factors. Tank conditions and nutrition are playing a significant role in fish health. In this article, there is more about the diseases caused by tank conditions and malnutrition. Hole in the head (HITH) Disease Description Image Source: https://yashwantnaik.com Hole in the head is an aquarium disease and it can take place in both saltwater…

Setting Up A new Dirted Plant Tank Episode 5: Completion of New Setup

Well, too long passed after the last record. I took all my notes but I couldn’t find a chance to type all in an article. During this long period, I did fertilization trials to determine the best amount of fertilizers required for the tank. So far the amount reached around 3 times of the starting dose of fertilizers both macro…

DIY LED Lighting: Manufacturing

LED lighting manufacturing, making your own LED ligh for planted tanks is not a big deal if you know how to proceed with correct equipment.

Complete Guide to Culturing Microworms

Microworm Brief Info Microworms are not actually worms. They are nematodes belonging to the species Panagrellus. They are smaller in size then the newly hatched brine shrimps and have less ability to move in the water which enables the fry to easily catch and eat them. Also, while comparing the cost of brine shrimp eggs and the efforts required to…

Grindal Worms Culture and Complete Guide

Grindal worms (Enchytraeus buchholzi) are one of the best live food sources for feeding aquarium fish. It is too easy to culture these worms in large quantities

Fish Ich – White Spot Disease

Together with fish, shrimps, plants, or snails inside, aquariums are a passion for many people. Sometimes, the aquarium for hobby purposes or commercial purposes may encounter some problems. The most important of these problems are diseases that affect aquarium creatures. These diseases can cause both large economic losses and the death of the living creatures in the aquarium. In this…

Algae in Aquarium – An Introduction to Algae

Algae is an informal term for a wide range of plant-like organisms. These organisms can be either unicellular or multi-cellular. Some types are acceptable but..
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