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Setting Up A new Dirted Plant Tank Episode 4: Fertilization, Algae Bloom, More Improvement

During the period after previous episode, I observed that the plants started to show starving symptoms without any serious algae problem. So I realized it is the time for fertilizing. I bought N, P, K, Fe and micro element fertilizers from a previously known person who is preparing DIY liquid fertilizers. I read before many good feed backs about the…

Use of Leaves in Aquariums: Part 1

The use of leaves that are safe to use in the aquariums provides a more natural ecosystem and coloration for the fish and shrimps. Lets start with the popular.

Aquarium Algae: Types, Causes and Removal

Commonly, aquarium algae appear in most aquariums at one point. It has types as Hair algae, Thread Algae, Green Spot algae, Green Dust Algae, etc.

Use of Leaves in Aquariums: Part 2

Use of leaves or adding leaf litter to your aquarium can benefit your shrimps and fish in many ways. The leaves condition the water and boost shrimp's health.

Setting Up A new Dirted Plant Tank Episode 2: High Temperature Kills

In this period of time i had an unexpected problem with high temperature. So in this post i will tell the story about this issue. After getting rid of the green water problem but not all the other kind of algae and cycled the tank for a few more days, I added one Crossocheilus Siamensis (siamese algae eater - sae)…

Aquarium Fish Diseases: Fungus and Bacteria

AQUARIUM FISH DISEASES Diseases, which most of the new fish keepers and the fish they are keeping sometimes suffering because of them. Even if you are an expert with lots of experience, you may also face a disease that you never saw before. For fish diseases, it is very important to diagnose and determine the disease correctly such as in…

Camallanus Worms Infection

What are Camallanus Worms Camallanus worms are thin thread-like pink-brown worms having only a few millimeters to around 1,5 cm long nematodes. They are internal parasites that infect both fresh and saltwater fish and organisms. Camallanus worms settle at the host’s intestines and feed off from the host’s blood. The Camallanus infection is mostly associated with livebearer fish such as…
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