What is DNTAqua?

DNTAqua is a non-commercial web site and DNTAqua is now mainly carrying out some researches and tests regarding shrimp & fish foods, brine shrimp growing, in-vitro plants, LED lighting for planted aquariums, aquarium plants with an approach of a hobbyist / aquarium lover.

DNTAqua is also a web site that you can reach articles, posts and fish, plant, invertebrate profiles. We will improve the site continuously as much as possible that time allows and will provide more information to our visitors. From our site it is also reachable to our social media accounts where you can follow us very closely.

Projects and Interests

As much as the free time allows studies are carrying out. Some, which don’t require too much time are better in status but with slower progress. It takes long time to see the outcomes of that kind of studies. And, for some like in-vitro plant growth trials which require more efforts for preparing culture media, making tests and re-starting from the beginning after each trial and fail are still problem because of the limited free time. The only advantage on this project is it gives immediate results and so we can proceed with the following tests.

For the food trials, DNTAqua is at the stage of completion on the tests. The formulas and tests on Shrimp and Fish foods succeeded but not finalized yet. The formula still requires to be improved with additional ingredients which will increase the benefits. The issue is to find these at the retail market in small amounts to carry our tests. After solving the supply issue the final products will be available. In the first hand for shrimps and herbivorous fish. Of course, we are also aware that in the global market there are many commercial fish/shrimp foods available but the purpose of this project is to reach best quality with almost all natural ingredients to support growth and health.

Please feel free to contact with for any request, suggestion, correction or etc.

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