Brine Shrimp Harvesting Tutorial

What is Brine Shrimp?

Brine shrimp is a genus of aquatic crustaceans which species name is artemia salina. Artemia are found worldwide in inland salt lakes which may have very high salinity levels up to 25%. By this ability to survive in such conditions artemia are able to avoid cohabiting with most types of predators, such as fish which can not survive at those levels of salinity. Artemia also have the ability to produce dormant cysts which are widely have a use in aquaculture and aquariums. The cysts can be dry stored for long periods and can be hatched whenever they are necessary. With this easy and long term storage ability it is one of the best fry food for aquarium fish keepers and aquaculture industry as a continuous storable food source.

In this video tutorial you can see the steps for harvesting your brine shrimps after hatching your brine shrimp cysts to feed your fishes. This video will provide you an idea for harvesting brine shrimp and also the hatching unit that you can make DIY. You can also develop this method and find your own for harvesting. The basic steps for this method are listed below;

Brine Shrimp Harvesting Steps

  • Turn of the aeration
  • Wait for the hatched brine shrimps settles and the hatched cyst shells to float(~ minutes)
  • Open the valve slowly to flush the nauplies
  • Use an filter cloth to sieve the nauplies
  • Rinse the sieves brine shrimps in fresh water
  • Feed to your fish
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