Phoenix Moss (Fissidens fontanus)

Growth Rate:Slow
Light Demand:Medium to High
CO2 Demand:Medium

Phoenix Moss (Fissidens Fontanus) is a feather-like moss that originated from North America. It is a slow-growing moss comparing with the other moss species under standard(not supported) aquarium conditions. For this reason, it requires more light with CO2 injection to have better growth. But it can also grow without CO2 injection or extensive lighting.

It can attach itself to the roots, rocks, and sand after a while and once it is attached, it becomes almost maintenance-free (will not require re-tying). But it still needs to be tied with a thread when it will be first attached to a surface until it developed roots to attach itself.

Fissidens fontanus is suitable for binding roots, rocks, etc. both vertical and horizontal in aquarium decoration. Visually it is best when it is attached to driftwood or big rock with an average water flow.

Phoenix Moss is one of the best visual moss that aquascapers used too often in aquascaping. It is also popular in shrimp or invertebrate keeping.

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