Staurogyne Repens

Origin:South America (Southern Amazons)
Growth Rate:Slow to Medium
Light Demand:Medium
CO2 Demand:Low

Staurogyne Repens also known as “carpet plant” or “aquarium carpet” is an aquatic plant species belonging to the Acanthaceae family. The Acanthaceae family has approximately 2500 species worldwide. Rio Cristalino and Tapaluna rivers in South America (especially Southern Amazons) are considered the natural habitat of this plant. It is a plant preferred by aquarists of all levels because it is easy to care for, shows a carpet-like appearance on the aquarium floor, and positively affects the tank’s health with oxygen production. On the other hand, it is a popular plant for freshwater fish aquariums.

The stem and leaves of this plant contain different shades of green and together, they form a carpet image on the aquarium floor. This plant does not grow too much and can grow up to 5-10 cm only. Broad-based and oval leaves are usually dense and closely grouped. It creates a bushy-like appearance to the plant. The roots that develop under the soil are white and delicate.


Tanks with a capacity of about 40 liters (10 gallons) are generally recommended for growing this plant. The ideal water pH balance for this plant that can grow is between 6,0-7,0 and the ideal water hardness is between 3-10 dGH. Water temperature in the range of 20-30°C is suitable for growth. It should be also known that when the temperature increases, the growth rate will increase. As with most plant species, light is important for Staurogyne Repens but, there is no need to install an extra and expensive lighting system. 10 hours of light per day is sufficient with medium-level lighting.

The most significant point to consider when growing this plant is substrate selection. Choosing fine gravel or sand will allow plant roots to grow effortlessly. In this regard, using substrate nutrition is also has a positive impact on plant growth. Carbon dioxide injection will also support the rapid growth of the plant.

Bigger and herbivorous fish like Cichlids may harm the plant. On the other hand, they can live in harmony with fish such as Tetras, Bettas, Swordtails, or Danios. The point to be considered in the care of this plant is the clarity of the water. If the light cannot reach the bottom, this will affect the growth of the plant negatively.

Staurogyne Repens reproduces in its natural environment by rooting too many parts separated from the main plant in the substrate. In the aquarium environment, the plant should first be allowed to grow up to 8-10 cm. Then, 2-5 cm cuttings can be re-planted to create new plants. The cut pieces do not need to have roots on them. They will root again in a few days. In summary, Staurogyne Repens is the choice of most aquarists because of its carpet appearance to the aquarium, ability to live with most freshwater fish, oxygen production, and easy care. It will add color and a natural look to the aquarium if the necessary and appropriate parameters are provided.

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