Weeping Moss (Vesicularia ferriei ‘Weeping’)

Type: Moss
Growth Rate:Medium
Light Demand:Low to High
CO2 Demand:Low to Medium

Vesicularia ferriei ‘Weeping” is commonly known as Weeping moss, and it got the name from its exclusive teardrop-like hanging growth with bright green shoots. China is the origin of this species then spread all over the world as an ornamental aquarium plant.

Weeping moss is best attached to driftwoods and rocks at higher levels. Its drooping growth allows hobbyists to create depth and contrast in aquascaping. Vesicularia ferriei has low demands on light and CO2. That makes it suitable for both low-tech and high-tech aquariums in aquascaping.

Weeping moss grows fast and requires regular trimming to be kept in the desired shape. As with the other fast-growing moss species, weeping moss also helps to prevent algae bloom in the aquarium by consuming the nutrients. It develops very well in high-tech tanks and uses up a substantial amount of nutrients in a little while. To prevent starving symptoms on other plants keeper has to take extra care about the nutrient levels.

In local petshops, it is sold in portions attached over stainless meshes, driftwoods, or sometimes in bulk amounts.

As with other moss species, this species is also a good choice for shrimps and fish fry. It is a natural spawning mop for the egg-laying fish and it is easy to remove with the eggs attached to it to a separate nursery tank.

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