Collected Information

We collect only the information to develop our website. Some information is requested directly from you and others are collected with automatic methods. All information that is collected with automatic methods is kept collectively and this information is not used for identifying you. In some situations, we want some descriptive and special information from you by using related forms.

In brief, the collected information could be separated into two main categories:

• Visit and usage statistics which are collected automatically from visitors to develop our website
• Descriptive, personal and contact information which are collected by forms that are filled by yourselves.

Collective statistics on visitors are not associated with personal information and privacy of usage information are classified.

Collective Statistics About Visitors

When you visit our website, we collect the data automatically about your computer and general information about your computer`s location and in related situations, we collect the website data automatically which are you referred from. This information is not used to identify you. This information is only used for statistical purposes to understand the websites which our visitors come from, what they visit or search for, how they act and where they spend the most time.

The Information that is collected automatically:

• First party cookie support (whether you permit us to the usage of cookies or not)
• Visitor ID (this information is collected with a cookie which is located on your computer from us when you login the system with your personal information)
• Router (the website that you come from, for example,
• Date and time of visit
• Regional and language settings (to determine the country which you are in)
• Operating system (Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Android, etc.)
• Browser and browser version (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.)
• IP address (computer address on the internet)
• Title of the web page that you viewed
• URL of the web page that you viewed
• Time spend on the web page that you viewed
• Device type (tablet, mobile, desktop), producer, OS, mobile network operator
• Country, region, city, state, etc.
• The keywords that you entered in the search box on the website and the search keywords that enabled the page URL to be clicked
• Reloads and clicks on websites, rotation frequency
• Entrance, exit points and web page flow
• Downloaded files

Descriptive personal information

In some situation, we should collect more personal information from yourselves. You should sign up to enter some parts of our website; we can ask for some information such as name, e-mail or other responses to better understand your purpose of visit and to develop your visit experience.
When we request any information that can be used to identify your id, we ask you to fill a form and inform you that we will keep this information in our database safely. This information will generally be used to contact you or solve any problem according to your requests. This information is not shared with a third party in any way.

Usage of the Information

Descriptive personal information which we request from you in related sections is collected and stored to contact you about the related subject in general. The information which is shared with us from you is not associated with your usage statistics. Also, that information is not used out of the purpose required in the related part in any way.

Collection of Significant Information

We do not collect and store any personal data like your health, ethnicity, religious view or political view on this website. If we rarely want to collect any information as above, we collect that by informing you and obeying laws and regulations.

Protection of children

Protection of children is significant. A child is described as a person whose age is under 18. DNTAqua does not intend to collect descriptive personal information from children without the permission of their parents or legal guardians. Children also should not give descriptive personal information about themselves to DNTAqua without the permission of their parents or legal guardians. If necessary, we will inform the children not to provide their sensitive personal data. If your child has submitted personal data and you want us to delete it, please contact us on the Contact Page or via our e-mail address.

How We Ensure Data Security?

Personal information is only collected as necessary on this website. This information is not used and/or not sold to a third party in any way.

Where are the data processed?

DNTAqua can use the collected data for contact and statistical (except personal data) purposes in its worldwide network and operations. Regardless of which unit of the DNTAqua your data is located, we apply policies that provide an adequate level of protection for your data by cooperatively working with our service providers.

Rights of Visitors

You have the following rights based on data protection rules. To use these rights, please contact us on our Contact Page.

• You can get general information about what your data we have;
• You can get structured, collectively used copies of your data;
• You can request to update or revise your data;
• You can request to delete your data;
• You can stop or limit the usage of your data;
• If you permit the usage of your data (it means you filled any related form and submitted it to us), you can take your permission back whenever you want. If you withdraw your permission, it does not affect the lawfulness of your data processing activities which were performed before your requested withdrawal.
• You can complain to a Data Protection Authority about our processing of your data.
Within the scope of the relevant law, there may be limitations on these rights depending on the special circumstances of the data processing activity. By using the e-mail address given above, you can contact us about your questions and requests regarding these rights.

Usage of cookies

To see our cookie policy please visit our Cookie Policy page.

Legal notices

Purpose of Information

The content displayed on the DNTAqua website is provided for informational purposes only. The site does not contain any advice or suggestions for any specific conditions, and the content on the site should not be based on any decision or action to take. It is recommended that you should consult related experts for the applicability of any part of the content. Besides, this website provides compiled information about diseases and their treatments for aquatic pets. This information is not provided as medical advice and is not a substitute for professional advice. If you have or suspect any health problems in your pets, you should consult a veterinarian or veterinary service provider specialized in that field.

Providing Information on “as is” Basis

The information on this website is provided on “as is” basis and DNTAqua does not make any representations or warranties including but not limited to the implied warranties of a particular purpose or non-infringement. DNTAqua does not make any representations or warranties in matters of absoluteness, trueness, actuality, availability, functionality and legitimacy. By using this website, you accept the risk of information being incomplete or inaccurate or not meeting your requirements or requests.


DNTAqua or our content providers are not liable for any damage or loss arising from your accessing or inability to access the site or your reliance on any information contained on the site. DNTAqua does not accept any liability direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, punitive damages, economic or other damages, loss of opportunity, lost profits or any other damages or losses.

Note: DNTAqua and its service providers take top measures to protect the content from viruses or any other hazardous attacks that may affect your computer. Nevertheless, this limitation of liability includes any damage or any virus that may affect your computer equipment.

Links to Other Websites

This website contains links to other sites that are not owned or controlled by DNTAqua. We would like to inform you that we are not responsible or authorized for the status, the security of the redirected site or the privacy policies of these sites. These privacy terms apply only to information collected on the DNTAqua website. We strongly recommend that you read the privacy policy of linked sites.

Sites That Redirect to Our Website

DNTAqua does not support any websites linking to any page under its domain. Also, DNTAqua is not responsible for the contents on these sites and does not control any information that users may provide to those sites.


DNTAqua reserves the right to change, edit, replace or delete any content on this site at any time in its sole discretion or may restrict access to the site or stop the publication of the site.

Copyrights and Use of Contents

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Use of Questions and Comments

Any message, including any questions, comments, suggestions or any ideas, inventions, concepts, techniques or know-how that is sent electronically or in any other way to this site is not confidential and will be the property of DNTAqua. DNTAqua may use them at its will without restriction and for any purpose, including developing, producing and/or marketing goods or services.

Applicable Law

By accessing this website and the content on the site, visitors accept that their use is subject to the laws of the Republic of Turkey and interpreted under the law.


If you have any questions about these privacy terms, cookies and legal notices, if you want to receive information about any personal data we have about you or if you are concerned about DNTAqua’s use of your data, contact us via our Contact Form or email address in our Contact Page.