Bee Shrimp Terminology

Bee Shrimp Cross Breeding Capabilities

Bee Shrimp, Tiger Shrimp, Crystal Shrimp and Taiwan Bee Shrimp species are all capable to breed each other. And the offspring of this breeding hybrids will carry the characteristics of both species according to their genetic dominancy.

Offspring Terminology:


A tibee is a hybrid of tiger shrimp (any type of) and CRS/CBS/Taiwan Bee shrimp. (Mostly Taiwan Bee)


Taiwan bee x Tibee


Selective bred color variation of Taitibee


Cross breed of Crystal Bees and Taiwan Bee

Filial (F1, F2, F3…)

Simply “Filial” is a word used to define sons and daughters. And it is the terminology for describing generations starting from the wild form or first selectively bred pure variation. First genetic pair described as F0 and the offspring of two F0 as F1.

Taiwan(F0) X CRS(F0) Mischlings(F1)
Taiwan(F0) X Mischling(F1) Mischlings(F2)
Taiwan(F0) X Mischling(F2) Mischlings(F3)
CRS(F0) X Mischling(F2) Mischlings(F3)


The dominant color gene for bee shrimps is black.
Tiger/CRS/CBS genes are dominant on Taiwan bee genes.

That means a cross bred of black colored bee with red colored one will result completely black colored bees. (pureblood) If the black colored parent has the red recessive gene, then theoretically half of the offspring will be in red color. And in case of breeding CRS with Taiwan Bee, the offspring will have CRS phenotype with half Taiwan genes. But every generation bred between these offspring will result a more diluted Taiwan bee genotype. Because of that reason the first offspring is mostly bred with the pure blood Taiwan bees to get more Taiwan bees. Why we are having mischlings? Because, Taiwan bees are expensive and rarer than other bees and so to get more Taiwan bees in shorter time, those mischlings are breeding with Taiwan pure bloods again to have some Taiwan bees.

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