SAE – Siamese Algae Eater (Crossocheilus siamensis)


Crossocheilus siamensis is one of the very well-known and preferred algae eaters in aquarium society and it deserves its fame with the work done. They are very beneficial for algae prevention, algae fighting, and keeping the plants clean by preventing any possible sediments that may occur on the leaves.

SAEs are more effective on algae when they are young and smaller in size, but they will continue consuming algae in small amounts when they are fully grown. The reason for that is while they are growing they learn about the fish food. And also, it is easier and more inviting than trying to scrape algae over surfaces. Therefore, they are giving up eating algae. So, once they learned about the easy food, they feed on fewer algae and more fish food

The best way to have algae-eating SAE is better to have and keep the smallest SAEs. Also, keeping them in around a group of 4-6 fish at least (it is dependent on tank size). They are mainly effective on hair algae, thread algae, and types of brush algae. In most cases, SAEs are harmless for the plants. But in case the food source is insufficient, they may consume some moss and other soft plants(rarely). Adults can be aggressive to each other and also other fish. In that case, they may chase and disturb others but they won’t cause serious harm.

Crossocheilus siamensis grows up to 16 cm in aquariums and it is a remarkably fast-swimming fish. Catching it in a planted tank is a hard task without destroying any existing scape. They are very resistant to changes in water parameters such as pH, temperature, and hardness.

Water Parameters:

Temperature: 24-28°C
pH: 6,0 – 8,0
Hardness: 5-20 dGH

They can comfort best between 6,5-7,5 pH values.


Crossocheilus siamensis is an omnivore fish and ideal for eating algae in aquariums over any kind of surfaces such as plants and rocks. Apart from the algae, the best foods for them are high-quality flakes, freeze-dried bloodworms or tubifex worms, pelleted foods, and other vegetable-based fish foods. They will prefer to eat protein-rich foods instead of algae-based ones if you feed both into the tank and will grow faster when they consume fish foods.


Siamese Algae Eaters are egg layers but Aquarium breeding has not been documented.

Identification Guide:

People can easily confuse Siamese Algae Eaters with other similar fish like Chinese algae eaters or flying foxes. Here below you can find a visual and easy identification for Siamese Algae Eater.


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