Setting Up A new Dirted Plant Tank Episode 5: Completion of New Setup

Well, too long passed after the last record. I took all my notes but I couldn’t find a chance to type all in an article. During this long period, I did fertilization trials to determine the best amount of fertilizers required for the tank. So far the amount reached around 3 times of the starting dose of fertilizers both macro and micro elements fertilization. In addition to the micro elements fertilization N, P, K, Mg, Ca and Fe fertilization is ongoing regularly. The main dosing of fertilizers done on Sundays after having a 40% of water change and also I am dosing additional Ca and Mg on daily basis (1/4 of the main dose). And then I am doing another additional water change (30%) and dosing N, P, K, Fe and micros every Thursday by 3/5 of the main dose regularly. I made design changes also. Also I have added driftwood and tied some flame moss and pellia on it. And I improved the filtration and circulation also by adding a hang on filter. To fight against algae zebra nerites and otocinclus added. When i start to observe that everything is going well I decided and did an increase in light amount and CO2 support. In parallel I also increased the fertilization accordingly. This is why the amount of the fertilization multiplied from the beginning of this period.

In this period of time I also added a few more species of aquatic plants and harvested large amounts of “M. Monte Carlo”, “R. Rotundifolia”, “H. Micra” and flame moss plants as well. Just because of my problem with green dust algae on the front and rear glass of the tank I also added around 50 Ramshorn Snails too. Just two days of time after from I added them, I observed several numbers of egg groups in all around the tank. And just after 20 days from the time they have been first introduced to the tank the first grown baby ramshorns appeared all around the tank with a large amount. This was the first time I realized them, maybe earlier they were already there. This made me very happy to see. Because, this is always a good indicator of healthy biological cycle and environment for aquariums. Also I had too many nerite snail eggs mostly over the driftwood and on the rocks. But I never saw a baby nerite snail yet.

After having good results with healthy aquarium environment and good plant growth, the lighting system also improved by removing two 6500K 14W T5 tubes and replaced with one 24W T5 tube and one 24W T5 Sylvania Coralstar which that I believe it will also improve plant growth in positive way. And I really observed that it has too much positive effect on plant growth. From that time, I can easily observe photosynthesis from all of my plants.
In the following I decided to remove rotala rotundifolias since I want to have more organized tank and they were really spreading around too much and re-organized the plants. Also I removed the neon tetras and SAEs from the tank because my plan is to transform the tank to a planted shrimp tank. In addition, I add more fishes which I thought they will not be a threat for the shrimps. They were L010A Red Lizards.

End of the Story

Now, I believe that my tank is fully cycled and ready for shrimps but one more thing still remains in my mind about reshaping the tank design.
From this point I want to finalize this series of posts since there is not too much left related with setting up my new tank. The only remaining thing is changing the design with some lava rocks and introducing the shrimps. This will be in the beginning of next title. Hope to see you all again in that also.

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