Setting Up A new Dirted Plant Tank Episode 2: High Temperature Kills

In this period of time i had an unexpected problem with high temperature. So in this post i will tell the story about this issue.

After getting rid of the green water problem but not all the other kind of algae and cycled the tank for a few more days, I added one Crossocheilus Siamensis (siamese algae eatersae) and one Tateurndina ocellicauda(Peacock Gudgeon) into the tank for testing the tolerance of the species to my tank conditions such as low pH and low TDS values ( pH:5,3 TDS:113 µs: 227). I used the drip acclimation method to prevent any shock that may occur during the period of introducing the fishes. They perfectly tolerated the conditions and I had no problem with the water conditions for these fishes. After 2 days of trial period, eleven Peacock Gudgeon juveniles more added to the Tank. They also had no problem with the water conditions, since I used the same acclimation method to introduce them to the tank. In the evening of the day after I performed a 30% water change again and clean all the glasses from algae as much as I can do. The purpose was also to remove any excessive nutrients may get released from the tank bed. Then fed them first time. They were all attractive to the food and eating well. That was a good indicator about their health. In the following two days they all gone well and started to display their best colors.

Temperature Attack

In the third day evening when I came back from work, I got shocked with the death of almost all of the gudgeons. It was really devastating for me to see all that dead fishes. After recovering myself I picked one fish net and immediately removed the dead fishes from the tank to not to lose more in water quality. At that time while I was collecting the fishes, I realized that the water temperature is extremely high as much as a shower water. Actually the weather was going hot at that days and I observed the signs of that kind of risk but, I didn’t consider that it will impact that much the water temperature. Considering the high weather temperatures, I was already started to run a cooling fan a few days ago. It was running in periods but the most critical point was that I should have to monitor the water temperature to see if it is enough or not. I was really failed just because I underestimated the hot weather. The strange part, the one and the only SAE was not seems affected from the high temperature and it was doing well. It is a strong and high tolerant fish regarding the water conditions according to my previous experiences but the temperature tolerance is new for me about this fish.

After removing the fishes and setting all the things back, I added some ice cubes and cool water to lower the water temperature and then turned the fan on again with 24 hours running time per day. But adding ice was not too much effective to lowering the temperature. The Temperature was still around 33-35°C after this action. Then dropped gradually. After one day, the temperature turned back to normal levels at around 26-28°C in the tank. After having trouble with the high temperature the side effects are started to being observed on the plants in the following days. Some of them turned to a yellowish pale color. Mostly, parvulas are affected and died due to high temperature. But they all started to recover themselves and started to grow well after.

Reparing the Damages

A few days from the disaster I decided to continue with some soft water fishes and chose Mikrogeophagus ramirezi which is one of the South American Dwarf cichlids. I used the same acclimation method to adapt them and introduce to the tank as the previous time. In the first day they have never been seen around. It was normal because they just entered a new environment and need time to adapt. But this continued around 4 days and made me took necessary actions. I went to the pet store and bought 9 neon tetras. They are very peaceful and schooling fishes which are usually swimming around and at the mid and top levels of the tank. The purpose of this is to encourage the rams to swim around and adapt quickly to the new environment. And the day following the rams were more around but still a little shy. They are getting better every following day. But, I believe due to the previous environment they got that much shy and scaring from people standing in front of the tank. I will try to make them comfortable and social by arranging the tank and water parameters.

During this period, water clarity problem showed itself due to the insufficient filter capacity and filter media. The next step will be changing filter and improving filter media.

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